Design, creation, and monitoring of cloud environments.

We offer design, creation, and monitoring of cloud environments. We create secure infrastructures in AWS environments that comply with PCI-DSS and ISO27001 regulations. We assist our clients in building environments that truly meet their needs.

Design and creation of secure infrastructures in AWS

We create secure architectures and configure monitoring and alert tools to ensure the security of data and systems in the cloud.

Consulting for cloud migration.

We assist you in migrating your systems to the cloud under the security parameters of PCI-DSS and ISO27001 regulations, evaluating your systems, identifying the best cloud options, and ensuring the protection of your data.

Maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures

We provide support and maintenance for your infrastructures in AWS, proactively monitoring your systems, solving problems, and optimizing your cloud resources to ensure maximum efficiency.

Certification in simple stepsWe strive to make the process of creating an environment for certification as easy as possible for the customer.
Needs assessment

Information gathering, customer needs and GAP analysis.

Design and creation of infrastructure

Proposal of different applicable solutions and execution.

Preparation for certification

Collection of evidence for auditable controls.

Monitoring and active improvement

Daily monitoring for compliance and application of patches and improvement measures.

We comply with industry best practices.
We are ready for v.4.0.

We are already paving the way for the update of the regulation to version 4.0. Our teams are already working on the new features to be incorporated and new requirements.

Req. 6

Script Monitor
Monitoring the security and integrity of critical scripts.

Req. 6

Script Inventory
Creating inventories for the documentation and tracking of payment scripts.

Req. 11

Change Detection
Inventorying, monitoring the security and integrity of critical scripts, and monitoring the headers of the involved files.

About us

Like many Silicon Valley companies, 705 was born in a garage, but in Elda (Alicante). It's been 7 years since then, and since our beginnings focused on programming, the market trend towards infrastructure governance through code led us into the DevOps paradigm.

Currently, our core business is the governance of Cloud infrastructures for clients who do not have this knowledge, focused on continuous integration cycles where alignment between code and Cloud infrastructure is essential for agile and scalable models.

Although we have been around for a while, our startup spirit remains intact, and our vocation to be at the forefront of the Cloud keeps us in constant recycling, providing continuous improvement to our clients.


Nomads at heart.

We don't have offices, we are everywhere and nowhere, we move between Spain, Finland, Ireland, the United States... But if you need to know where we are registered:

705 Code Lab SLU
C\ Cervantes, 15 Elda. (Alicante) SPAIN

We don't have a landline phone, but if you need to contact us by phone:
+34 610 865 502

Our mail:

Let's talk! Tell us a little about your case and we will get in touch with you